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When to do the podcast…

In addition to the book, I also want to do a podcast.

A podcast would let other voices help tell the “untold story” of, which is important to me.

The site was always a “we” thing in my mind, not a “me” thing. I used to get upset with the staff when they’d refer to @U2 as “Matt’s site.” I’d tell them it’s “our site” except in legal/financial matters. Then it was my site because my name was attached to ownership of the domain. (Ironically, that proved to be a big factor in @U2’s end.)

It won’t be just one podcast, either. It’ll have to be a series of episodes. And quite probably, a loooooong series with many, many episodes. I mean, I’m already 5+ chapters into the manuscript, 35K+ words written, and I’m only in 2003. If I can write that much, imagine how much a group of people could say!

I think at least some, and maybe most of the long-time staffers would be willing to be part of it. Chris Enns has already expressed interest in reviving his role as co-host, editor, audio genius, etc.

The main question that’s giving me pause about the podcast is when?

Should I finish the book and then do the podcast? Or should we do the podcast while I’m still writing the book?

The latter option would allow me to use the podcast to influence the book content. Surely the stories and memories of other staffers would help jog my memory, too, and make my manuscript more accurate and complete. The downside is that the people on the podcast wouldn’t have a finished book they could read before we record.

The former option would allow the podcast participants to read the book and learn what stories/events I’m writing about, to get my version of events and be able to add their memories when we record. The downside is that the book would already be finished, and then I’d probably want to go back to square one and do a ton of rewriting based on the group conversations on the podcast.

Maybe there’s some happy middle ground here — a third option that allows the book and podcast version co-exist happily ever after.

I haven’t found that middle ground yet, but I’ll keep looking. If you happen to find it, please let me know. 😄

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