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What did Rolling Stone Germany say and why?

Here’s something I could use a little help with…but I know this is a legit shot in the dark that anyone will know.

The first mention of @U2 in traditional media happened in February 1997 when the site was mentioned in the German edition of Rolling Stone.

I’ve been jogging my memory on why they mentioned the site and what they said. I’m about 50/50 confident in what it was, but putting it out there in case anyone else somehow might remember.

I did some searches on the great German site, but their news archives don’t go back further than 2001.

Comments are open if you’re able to help!

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  1. JJ JJ

    This is probably a stupid question, but – have you tried searching to see if they have old articles online? Or maybe they have a ‘contact us’ option?

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