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Welcome U2 Fan…Let Me Catch You Up

Hi there! Long time, no talk. I hope 2023 is off to a good start for you.

If you’re reading this, I assume it’s because you saw my post about this book on one of the old @atu2 social media channels and you want to learn more.

Cool! Welcome! You’re in the right place. Great to see you again after all this time.

Quick Background

In early 2021, I sent out a survey to a couple hundred U2 fans asking if they were interested in reading a book with behind-the-scenes stories from’s 25-year history. The response was an overwhelming “yes.” So I started writing but didn’t get very far before I lost interest and put the project aside.

The fire returned in Summer 2022, and I started writing again. I told myself that it would be time to take the idea seriously if I ever reached 10,000 words. That happened in August 2022.

I haven’t stopped writing since hitting the 10K mark…well, except for an unplanned stoppage in September/October after I almost died in Hawaii.

Current Status

Today, I’m into Chapter 4 and have almost 30,000 words written. I’ve reached the point where I feel good about sharing the book project with you and the wider U2 fan community.

So far, I’ve written about things like

  • what compelled me to start a fan site in 1995
  • the day @U2 became more than a hobby
  • the mistakes I made trying to create a news staff and why I had to start over again after most of those fans left
  • the ominous first contact from a member of the U2 organization
  • why I declined to sell the site to two large companies that were buying fan sites in the early 2000s
  • the birth of Achtoon Baby and Answer Guy
  • the story behind how I first connected with Willie Williams
  • the first time we posted a setlist live online — opening night of the Elevation tour

I’m going mostly in chronological order, but skipping ahead here and there when it makes sense.

How to Follow My Progress

Get Exclusive Content

There are two ways to get exclusive book excerpts and behind-the-scenes stories:

I’ve been sharing book excerpts, real emails (like the first one from a U2 rep in 1999), screenshots, and insider stories that will not be in the book with both Twitter Subscribers and “Backstage Pass” members.

Both of those are just $5/month. Subscribing now will give you access to all the previous exclusive content…and all that’s still to come.

Monthly Newsletter

On the first of each month, I send out a newsletter with the latest progress report on the book, a reader Q&A, and more. You can subscribe in less than a minute. This is free, but has no exclusive book excerpts or other behind-the-scenes content.

Twitter Community

If you’re on Twitter, check out my book community where I’ve been sharing updates, asking questions, and getting feedback from your fellow U2 fans. This is also free, but has no exclusive book excerpts or other behind-the-scenes content.

What’s Next?

Well, I’mma keep writing as much as I can as fast as I can.

You’re welcome to connect with me via any or all of the ways I mentioned above. And feel free to poke around this site a bit, too. You might be interested to know why I’m writing this book. I’m not married to the current book title, so you can share suggestions here if a great idea comes to mind.

Thanks for your interest in the book! If you have any thoughts or questions, hit me up on Twitter anytime.

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  1. Pradip Patel Pradip Patel

    Hello Matt,

    Glad to hear that the book is coming along. I was curious to know what photos you’ll be including in the book? As you may or may not know, I have been shooting the band since the 90s. My IG account is @u2photography. If you need photos for the book, let’s chat.

    Keep chugging along my friend,

    • m2 m2

      Hey Pradip – thanks for this. I remember your photos from IG, really great! That’s a terrific question, and the answer is that I don’t know. In one of the previous newsletters, I talked about how I plan to self-publish because I doubt a mainstream publisher will be interested in such a niche book. And how, before I started writing, I did a little research on how to self-pub a book … but then I got antsy to start writing, so I put the research away. And one of the things I don’t know with self-publishing is how it works with putting photos and screenshots and other visuals into the text. So, still have a lot to learn on that front!

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