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How About a 20-Minute Walk Down Memory Lane?

In the book, I’m currently writing about stuff going on in 2015. There’s obviously the 20th-anniversary party, which I haven’t gotten to yet.

But that was also the year that we relaunched the atu2 podcast! 🤩

Now unlike the website, the podcast is still online and I just had a blast listening to Chris Enns and myself doing episode 1. If you have 20 minutes free, you can listen, too.

It’s interesting that we put ep. 1 out when we didn’t really have a complete vision for what the show was going to be or include. Chris and I talk about how we’re still figuring things out and how we were still discussing with the staff to see who wanted to be part of future shows.

I’ve told Chris and I’m happy to share it here: Even in the last year or two of, when the site was really a drag on me mentally and emotionally, the podcast was the one thing I always enjoyed doing.

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