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There Should Be More @U2 Books

My research for this book involves a lot of reading our old articles and columns and interviews and essays. For example, I recently re-read the 2007 interview I did with director Gary Koepke about his work on the incredible “Window In The Skies” video. (Remember that one?? With all the different music artists appearing to sing the song??)

Anyway, I keep coming back to this thought:

There should be another @U2 book…or books, plural.

We had so much amazing content. The stuff that can see the light of day again needs to see the light of day again.

Agree/Disagree? What would you want to read again?

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  1. Stefan Barrett Stefan Barrett

    Would love it! Like, an Archives? Something encyclopedic? Or maybe companion volumes to the history?

    Anyway, you already know i’m a fan. Still wander over to the site now and again just to lament its absence. Y’all produced a lot of great content over the years.

    • m2 m2

      The first two things that came to mind are a book with all of Answer Guy’s material. And then a book with all of our original interviews over the years. And maybe others, who knows? All of the Like a Song columns?

      What would be cool is that maybe this is a way for me to finally “pay” the people who gave so much of their time and effort to the site over the years.

  2. JJ JJ

    I *love* this idea!
    I miss @U2 so, soooo much, and would love to have any possible content available again. <3

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