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One Thing That Would Really Help Me Write This Book

In’s final weeks and months, we … well, it may have just been me … made a decision that’s impacting my progress on this book.

We were dealing with the legal threat that eventually played a big role in my decision to shut down the site. The folks who were managing and working on the site at the time made a lot of changes on the site that most fans/visitors wouldn’t have noticed. But we/I realized that may not be enough protection.

This was before we had legitimate legal representation, and we were kinda grasping for ways to protect the site and protect me as the legal owner. So we/I decided that we had to take the drastic step of getting the entire domain removed from the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine.

It made sense at the time and was the right thing to do … but damn, it would really help me write this book if I had access to old versions of the site that were available there.

I’m in touch with my old boss where the site was hosted to see if he/they have any old copies of the site sitting on old web servers, but no progress yet on that front. Cross your fingers for me, please. I have lots of old emails and memories to help recount the site’s history, but being able to see more of the site itself would be a big help.

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