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One Night = One Chapter?

As I type this, the book covers the years 1995 to 2016 over the course of 10 chapters.

So if my math is right, that’s about 2.1 years per chapter. The storyline doesn’t run quite that evenly, but you get the point.

Now I’m in Chapter 11, which (as I mentioned in the previous post) begins with me writing about our 20th anniversary party.

It’s starting to look like it’s also going to end with the party, too!

I’ve already written about seven pages and Dallas Schoo hasn’t even walked in the front doors of The Cutting Room yet. So by the time I get through his arrival, Edge’s and Adam’s arrival, the performance, and then all the madness that followed, this should take up all of Chapter 11.

A few weeks ago, I emailed about 3-4 questions about the party to Sherry Lawrence. She answered those questions by forwarding me around 60-70 party-related emails. So this is going to be the definitive account of how that night came to be.

And instead of covering a few years, this chapter looks like it’s gonna be all about one night!

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