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It’s Party-Writing Time!

It has taken longer than I expected, but I’m about to begin writing about our 20th anniversary party. You know what happened, I don’t need to say anything more.

There are long sections in the book about some of the big events in the site’s history, but I’m going into this with the assumption that I’ll spend more words on this one night than anything else in the book.

It’s the start of Chapter 11, and for all I know it could be all of Chapter 11.

Step one is to gather up all my info about it, and that means I’m using Descript to make a transcript of the Crystal Ballroom conversation that Tim Neufeld and I did immediately after the party ended. (see photo above) There are old OTRs and articles we wrote about that night, and I’ll rely on those, too, but I suspect nothing will be as helpful in documenting that night than this conversation.

Maybe I’ll just take the whole transcript and put it into Chapter 11. Hmmmmm….

I was telling my wife a few days ago that I was about to start writing about the party, and I said “This is the last Good Thing I’ll be writing about; it’s all downhill after that.” And then I remembered that we had an amazing series of events in 2016 for U2’s 40th anniversary. So technically, there are two fun things left to write about…and then it’s all downhill. 😬

By the way, HUGE thanks to Tim for tracking down this old Crystal Ballroom livestream that we did and sharing it with me.

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