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Get Exclusive Content…Twitter No Longer Required

In early December, a U2 fan who gets my OTR Vol. 25 newsletter emailed me with a question:

Hey, Matt! Any chance of offering your exclusive subscriber content on another social media platform in addition to Twitter? I dumped my Twitter account back when it became apparent that Musk was going to buy it. I would love to see the sneak peeks you are sharing, but I just can’t bring myself to get back on Twitter.

That wasn’t the first time a U2 fan mentioned that my use of Twitter for sharing exclusive content and creating a discussion community was a barrier to participation. And frankly, I’m also not exactly feeling much love toward Twitter these days, either.

If that sounds familiar, here’s great news: You can now get all the same exclusive book excerpts and other behind-the-scenes content without having to use/support Twitter.

I’m offering the same fun stuff via a “Backstage Pass” membership on the Buy Me a Coffee website.

I’ll share the same content on both sites. And best of all, I’ve copied over ALL of the Twitter exclusives to the Backstage Pass member site — so if you join now, you won’t have missed a thing.

Thanks to all who are using these subscription/membership programs to support me and the book, I appreciate it!

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