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Catching up on book updates

Wow, I didn’t realize it’s been months since I’ve posted here!

So let me do some catching up, what do you say? Here’s where things stand with the book:

1. I finished writing the first draft in early March!

Twitter screenshot

The first draft came in at about 117,000 words. There are 15 chapters. And I might include an afterword at the end…still haven’t decided on that.

2. I’ve finished doing my own edit of the manuscript!

But in the process of doing that edit, my wife found an old email I sent her in 2015 and it really shed new light on one of the big events of that year. (Not the 20th anniversary party, something else.) So I ended up rewriting most of that chapter.

3. As I said in the tweet above, now I need to learn how self-publishing works.

One of our former @U2 staffers has done this and has already been a huge help to me, showing me how the process works. So I feel like I have a good sense of the direction I’m going, but I also know the road won’t be easy.

4. I’m strongly considering a different name for the book.

Nothing decided yet, but I feel like I have something better than “OTR Vol. 25.”

So that’s where things are with the book…any questions? Feel free to post in the comments below.

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