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Book Cover & Book Ending in One Day?

I spent the weekend in Las Vegas.

At the Sphere. Seeing U2.

And at the Venetian seeing the Zoo Station fan thing.

There’ll probably be thoughts on all that in the next newsletter. Or the one after that.

I was hanging out with a few old @U2 staffers: Sherry Lawrence, Becky Myers, and Dan Eliot. Also got to meet a staffer who joined after I left: Jessica Hurwitz.

On Saturday, before the second U2 show, it was just me, Sherry, and Becky hanging out at Zoo Station. We were upstairs in the lounge. The ladies were waiting to see one of the scheduled videos/ films. After a while, Jessica joined us.

For maybe 15-20 minutes, we had a really fun and wonderful conversation about the old days. We talked about my return to U2’s music and U2 fandom after ~4 years away. I told them that I was glad to be in Vegas and glad to be hanging out again, and that this weekend back together with them felt like it should be how the book ends.

We decided to get our photo at that trabant where you can virtually spray paint the car. (see photo above) Becky had a brilliant idea for the photo, and the fans in line to get their own photos waited patiently while we executed on her idea for our own photos.

The photos were perfect. As we looked at them on our phones, I had an idea: One of them should be the book cover.

Talk about unexpected outcomes: finding the book cover and book ending in one day. 🥰

BTW, the cover won’t be the exact photo above…but will hopefully be similar to it.

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