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A Twitter Community for Book Updates … and Super Followers for Exclusive Content

If you’re on Twitter and want to get book updates and join conversations about, please join my official OTR Vol. 25 Twitter Community.

A Twitter Community works just like Twitter, but you have to be a member of the community to take part in the conversations. My guess is that the community will be a place for

  • readers to connect and share stories about the site
  • me to ask questions of the community that may help with my book research and writing
  • me to share progress updates about the book
  • something else? let’s find out together!

I’ll be approving all new members, and I can’t promise everyone who asks to join will be accepted. As I say in the community rules, the last couple years of were pretty tough and I need to play it safe with my mental health.

Here’s the link one more time if you want to join. If you’re not getting any value from being there, feel free to leave anytime. No hard feelings.

Super Followers, Too

For my Twitter Super Followers, I’ll be sharing exclusive stories and content from atu2’s history, both things that’ll be in the book and some that may not be. Super Followers is kinda like Twitter’s version of Patreon and similar platforms — a way to support creators as they create. You can do that for $5/month.

So, to summarize:

Feel free to do one, both, or neither. 🙂

Any Qs? Let me know in the comments below.

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