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40,000 Words

Nights and weekends are when I do just about all of my writing for this book, and I was out of town the past two weekends seeing the Eagles and then Bruce Springsteen play concerts over in Portland. So this took a little longer than normal, but I just hit the latest word count milestone:

I just wrote a TON about the @U2 Forum and its ups and downs over the years. I need to go back and revisit everything I just wrote. Depending on what I find and decide, I’m either in Chapter 5 right now…or maybe I’m finished with Chapter 5.

I’ll eventually be moving into 2004 soon, which means the brouhaha when Principle Management/Universal Music came after @U2 and all the other big fan sites and had us take down all our U2 song lyrics. It also means our first album release parties (for Atomic Bomb) and some other fun stuff.

As always, thanks for your interest in this book and for supporting me as I write it!

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