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100,000 Words

NGL it was pretty cool to check the word count and see this:

After a slow start in January, I’ve been on a writing roll the past two weeks. Or, as I described it in this month’s newsletter, I’ve hit a rich song-writing vein.

I’ve written every night but two over the past two weeks and probably did 8,000 words or so in that period.

Right now I’m early in Chapter 13. All of the good stuff is in the past — the 20th-anniversary party, the #U240 stuff in Dublin and Cleveland. I’m now into the dark times for me as @U2’s founder and as a U2 fan, in general.

But the crazy thing is that I’m enjoying writing this so far!

I thought this would be the most difficult stuff to write. Not so far.

Here’s hoping the enjoyment and momentum continue.

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