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10,000 Words

Earlier today, I passed the 10,000-word milestone. I’m just starting in on Chapter 2, which should begin with the PopMart press conference in Feb. 1997…one of the most important dates in the early @U2 site history.

Reaching 10K words is kinda important because I told myself that if I

  • made it to 10K, and
  • was still in a good place mentally, and
  • was still enthusiastic about continuing

… that it would be my signal to start taking this book project seriously.

Ergo, I now have a domain and this website that use the book’s (potential) name. I’m not yet fully married to Off The Record…Vol. 25, but I’m gonna use it and see how well it sticks going forward.

There will be more to come where “taking it seriously” is concerned; I’m thinking there’ll be a mailing list and/or Twitter community for sharing updates. And I’m thinking that I’ll use the Twitter Super Follows experience to share exclusive content — both stuff that’ll be in the book, and stuff that won’t.

Thanks for your interest in this book project. Hope you’ll follow along and help me push it to completion.

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